Dr. Neville Stiles, British International Language Consultant and expert on IELTS in Guatemala – www.nevillestiles.com.gt

In May 2012, Dr. Stiles was invited to give a presentation and undertook a sample IELTS Listening evaluation of 160 Guatemalan private school English Teacher-Director participants at the 2nd Regional Richmond Congress «International Standards for Global Learners» in Guatemala City.

The results were very revealing: 78% of the teaching professionals scored under Band 5, and only 2 participants scored 7.5 or more over 9. This is a clear demonstration of the need for any IELTS candidate to seek serious pre-IELTS training in order to achieve optimum results at the exam session. This can be best obtained by seeking the assistance of a qualified trainer, and preferibly trained IELTS examiner.

As probably the only language consultant in Guatemala with direct experience as both examiner and administrator of IELTS, Dr. Stiles has contributed to the personal and academic success of many candidates in this complicated and rather unique international language examination.

Dr. Stiles has ongoing programmes for IELTS preparation, as well as special ONE-DAY intensive IELTS preparation programmes (10 hours) on a Saturday, particularly for IELTS candidates with a high level of English and those who come from outside Guatemala City, or from El Salvador, Honduras or Belize. For further information on these programmes, write to ieltsguatemala@gmail.com and obtain a free consultation on you best option.

Note: Since this is an individual and customized language service addressing the requirements of professional people seeking the highest results, all sessions are individual one-on-one, and occasionally where the level is the same, in pairs.


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